Long - I'm sick of being fat

Are You Frustrated with Weight Loss Programs that Restrict Calorie Intake and Don't Give you RESULTS for all your hard work?

Sick and tired of  crash dieting, starvation and vigorous exercise that's just too hard?

  • Frustrated with working so hard to lose weight and sometimes it works.... but then it piles back on... PLUS more.
  • Confused with so much information and often that information conflicts. ???
  • Find yourself thinking...."Is there something wrong with me? "
  • When you look in the mirror - you tend to become your own harshest judge. 

Hi, I'm Sarah  Jane and  if  you are anything like me and you answered 'Yes 'to any of these.  Then keep reading -  I  can offer you some help!

 You Can Lose the Weight Predictably and Consistently even Without Exercise!

Yes! you read that right!

Your personal trainer, nutritionist and the weight loss industry profit off your increasing and consistent weight frustration.

They profit while you suffer - even though you are doing all the 'right things' they are telling you to do.

Including crash diets, 'clean eating' , workouts that leave you exhausted and at this point:

You've tried it all and nothing seems to work.

And  you're probably starting to think you  simply can't do it - that something is wrong with you.

I want you to know:​​​​

It's not your fault - you've simply been lied to.

Over the course of working with thousands of people who were on the verge of giving up and giving in....

feeling destined to be overweight , sluggish , tired and never achieving any results until at last ..... we came across an alarming discovery........

Your ability to lose stubborn body fat is NOT about exercise or calorie restriction.

Research and proven clinical studies show that losing stubborn fat is attainable when we focus on the the key underlying mechanisms that dictate whether you lose fat or gain it...

Specifically these key mechanisms are your body's hormones....

Breakthrough research now indicates that if your hormones are out of balance ; you may be making the matter worse, not better.

Once these hormonal mechanisms are identified and balanced naturally , you'll be able to lose your stubborn fat around your stomach, hips and love handles all day and all night - even while you sleep!

In creating this revolutionary book that can be yours today a tiny fraction of what others have gladly paid for , we have identified 5 myths the entire industry is having people like you believe......

........and believing any of these are keeping you overweight, sluggish and starting over without any results.

The 5 Weight Loss Myths - you can't afford to believe.



You  must eat complex carbohydrates for energy!

False. The body is very clever in that it can break down fats - either the fats from our diet or stored body fat! and can convert it to a usable source of energy.

This is the process known as ketosis and I can  show you to harness this in  my book......

You need to have 5-6 meals a day !

False. Each time you eat you spike your hormone , insulin which is a real contributor to a condition called insulin resistance - and therefore leading to weight gain and/or an inability to lose weight.

That anything except your hormones control the way you look , feel and perform. (Focusing on the symptoms while ignoring the real cause.)

At the end of the day, unlocking the real cause of the difficulties with weight are the keys to success.

You have to do lots and lots cardio to burn fat.

False. Instead it's more accurate that 80% of your results will be achieved through a focus on nutrition!

Fat loss is simple ... it's all about "Calories in and Calories out".

Not quite. It's not that easy- different foods spike key fat burning mechanisms in your body. Plus its not the actual number of calories you consume it's more the QUALITY of those calories that has a far bigger impact on weight loss.

This is all achieved by shifting the way your body uses energy - and you'll not only lose fat , you'll lose it fast,  you will also:

  • Convert your body from fat storing to fat burning.
  • Decrease your rate of ageing.
  • Lower your blood sugar.
  • Release sugar cravings once and for all.
  • Improve skin 
  • Improve brain functions - higher mental clarity

*  And... have the boundless mental and physical energy you had decades ago!

And for the first time, we have put this program together into an easy-to-read , proven, step-by-step book you can start using today...

"I'm Sick Of Being Fat!"
How To Lose Weight With Keto.

All the work has been done for you. Including breaking the science of the ketogenic diet​ down into easy to understand sections ready for you to apply and get the results quickly.

Everything you need to lose stubborn fat and achieving the lean sexy body with the confidence to match.

We left no stone un-turned with every page of this jam-packed e-book designed to help you break free from the shackles of becoming a prisoner to your own body and the feeling of:

Body shame and lack of confidence

*  Not feeling worthy or sexy anymore

*  Frustration around looking and feeling worse

*  Thinking you must exercise vigorously to lose weight

.....all in a done-for-you system proven to work on thousands of people around the world, just like you from all ages, shapes and sizes.

Imagine Waking up and Looking in the mirror as Your Belly Fat Reveals the Sexy Confident  Person You Know You Can Be!

You are only one click away from:
1.   Loving the way you look and feel and wanting to show your body off.
2.    Excited about going to the gym, beach or pool with your new-found success.
3.     The confidence to wear any outfit including that 'one' outfit' you have always dreamed wearing.
4.     Being noticed and turning heads when you walk into any room.

.........And best of all, knowing you've got a part of your life under control that used to eat away at your confidence.

Here's a Small Sample of What You'll Find in this Jam Packed Book......

How to Lose Weight With Keto

  • How to lose fat , starting today, without vigorous exercise.
  • The hidden mechanism in all fat loss loss, and how to make it work for you.
  • The 'Fat Burning Switch' and how you can turn it on.
  • The secret to losing fat all day, even when you are sleeping or on the couch.
  • The easy, done-for -you nutrition plan , proven to work for all shapes and sizes and shrink your belly, hips and love handles.
  • How to fire up your metabolism and become a fat burning machine.
  • How to adopt the ketogenic diet  easily as a long term lifestyle.
  • The one supplement that puts you into a proven  ketosis state within 30 minutes to burn fat on 'autopilot'.
  • How to use exogenous ketones to support your lifestyle.
  • Completely natural fat burners that you can incorporate into your daily routine that do all the hard work for you.
  • Done-for-you meal templates that take all the guesswork and stress out of what to eat.
  • Manipulating your carbohydrates to ensure a rapid loss in fat while still eating delicious foods.
  • ......And so much more!.....

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It....
Here's What People All Over The World Have Been Saying About Our System.

“This woman deserves ultimate kudos for laying it out in terms that all of us who have battled the bulge can relate. I really like the book and how simple it is.

 This woman deserves ultimate kudos for laying it out in terms that all of us who have battled the bulge can relate. I really like the book and how simple it is. I do have to say that I was skeptical initially, because for the past 14 years I had read different weight loss books and tried every other diet and supplements that came along—all without success. Well, I am skeptical no more! In just four months I have lost 21 pounds. I can’t thank you enough for the detailed information about hormonal roles in weight loss, effective supplements and most importantly the ketogenic diet.  These have greatly help me with the new and much improved me."

-Jane G.

“I was sick of the fat and I found the right book for me....."

“ A little insight – About two years ago, out of nowhere, I got extremely fat. I literally gained 20 pounds overnight (more like a month, but it definitely felt like overnight) and could just see the pounds pile on. It was heart-crushing. I didn’t know what the heck to do since no diet or exercise regimen worked. .......  I then stumbled upon a fittingly named website called imsickofbeingfat.com. I read through some of the stuff and it made some sense but then again, everything I ever read before made sense. Nonetheless, the woman sounded like she had some sound advice and stuff to back it up with, so I decided to buy her eBook and try out her approach.

Goodness me! Three weeks later, I was a newly born person! I had dropped 15 pounds in three friggin’ weeks (mind you, by this time I was up 50 pounds from the original weight I was at). I couldn’t believe it so I kept pushing. After two short months, I was down 30 pounds and still going strong. I am currently 10 pounds away from my initial weight and I whole- heartedly I will get there very soon.

Thanks so much Sarah for writing this eBook and giving people back their hope! You are the best!!!"

Judith Lee

“I followed all the guidelines in the e-book and I was shocked - it worked! Amazing!"

“I had previously tried and used multiple other e-Books on weight loss in the past but I had always found it doesn’t work out as I had expected. This one, hands down, has been Fantastic and amazing, their practical guide on achieving weight loss with the power of food and techniques to balance out the hormones and speed up the metabolism to start burning fat without exercise. Seriously this is amazing and was so helpful. I followed all the guideline in the eBook and I was shocked - it worked!  Amazing!  It was a pleasurable and easy book to read and follow the advice. Highly recommend this book if you want to get results!''

Paul T

This special offer is less than what you would pay for a few days coffees. 

This offer comes with our iron clad 'take it to the bank' guarantee. That way the risk is all on us , not you.

Well even let you keep the book as a parting gift.

But only if you ACT NOW.

How to Lose Weight with Keto

  100% Satisfaction         Guaranteed


Now Available in Paper Back Copy!
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17 AUD

  • Over 180 Pages of valuable information to help you lose the weight.
  • Loads of Keto friendly recipes
  • Shopping List
  • Over 40 high quality colour images
  • 7 day keto meal plan to supercharge your results!

Even More Success Stories.....

"Good luck to everyone starting down the road to renewed excellent health,reduced usage of medicines and normal weight levels. Fantastic read and it helped me expand my knowledge and lose my weight in the right way."

My life has been such a mess in so many ways and when I stumbled upon this book “I'm Sick of Being Fat!”  . One question that I had prior to ordering the book was, does this really help me to remove my extra weight? Or am I wasting my 17$? But when I ordered this, I was quiet surprised with the ways that the writer suggests. I have lost weight between 25 - 29 pounds in 6 weeks!

The book explains how it’s possible to eat more fat and still lose weight, become recovered, healthier and live longer.  “I'm Sick of Being Fat!”  Breaks down the myths that experts have been telling the populace about the danger of eating fats. 
Good luck to everyone starting down the road to renewed excellent health, reduced usage of medicines, and normal weight levels. Fantastic read and it helped me expand my knowledge and lose my weight in  the right way."

Rachel W

Sarah Jane

Creator of 'I'm Sick of Being Fat!"

About the Author

Hi, I was frustrated with being overweight.  Just like you , I tried so many different ways to lose the weight.  Even if  I did lose any weight , I always gained it back  - PLUS a whole lot more! I was so sick of the whole stupid merry -go -round.  I wanted a permanent solution.

So I started researching and it led me to the Ketogenic diet and some great strategies. I have put all of these down in the book for you to follow.

 as well  and get the results you DESERVE - Once and for ALL!

So, What is All This Worth To You?....


If you spent the time TRULY researching this topic, weeding through thousands of websites, webinars, videos and offline content and then going through a process of trial and error to determine what works is going to take at the very bare minimum ten hours.

In fact, you may have done this already.

 So even at an hourly rate of $15 an hour, and a minimum of ten hours, it’s going to cost you somewhere in the ball park of $150.

However, since I’ve made the entire book self-guided and downloadable, the best part is you’ll invest only a fraction of that.

 You are going to get "I'm Sick Of Being Fat!'  for just a fraction of what others have told me to charge.

Here's What You Get .....

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    Over 180 pages of jam packed information to help this be your last weight loss program ever!
  • angle-right
    All the science broken down to help you use that to 'Bio-hack ' your own body to get the results you desire.
  • angle-right
    Fat burning Keto recipes
  • angle-right
    Shopping lists
  • angle-right
    7 day meal plan for fast results.
  • angle-right
    Nutrient supplement guidelines.
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    Readers only special discount offer

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


I personally guarantee your satisfaction right down to the 365th day of your order! That’s an entire year! Here’s how it works…

Order now and read everything, go through 'I'm Sick Of Being Fat!" make a note of all the resources … right down to the very last day.

But you have a FULL YEAR to make up your mind!

If at any time during the the first year you’re NOT completely convinced that "I'm Sick Of Being Fat!" is worth the price of your order many times over, I want you to ask for your money back.

I’ll refund you for the entire purchase you paid, and I’ll even let you keep the book  - as my gift to you.

Fair enough?

Here’s the bottom line: If you are truly serious and you are 'sick of being fat'and experiencing these things:

• wasting your hard earned money on 'magic weight loss pills. The only thing you lost was money not weight.

• Frequently watching your gut getting wider and heavier, ducking out of social events and photos.

• Rolling out of bed in the morning with a“sack of potatoes” feeling around your belly.

• Going on restrictive diets that have you on the roller-coaster of feast and famine.

• Putting out the welcome mat to self-defeat, and baggy clothes.

Then you owe it to yourself! Don’t procrastinate or “think about it”.  

Your belly, health, confidence and life will change when you start following this simple, yet highly effective plan, and the proven strategies found in “I'm Sick Of Being Fat!" today!

Don’t you think you DESERVE to be HEALTHY​​​​and sport a lean sexy body?

Take action right now and grab this book on losing body fat.

Remember - you have nothing to lose! $17     All risk free  and a full 1 year to make up your mind!


P.S. Let me lay the cards on the table: If you pass on this opportunity, will you notice change in your belly in one week, one month or one year from today?

Can't you see the benefit of just saying "maybe" to my program? 

What if the program IS everything I've promised here?

Wouldn't this finally make a difference to your body?

All you really need is clear directions and solid advice from someone who knows what works and can show you that you can do it. WELL I’M HERE TO SAY YOU CAN LOSE THAT STUBBORN FAT!

Get this downloadable E-book NOW and take advantage of the approach that can give you an amazing  body in as little as 4 weeks, using the effective ketogenic nutritional plan.

P.P.S. Remember, you have 1 full year to check it out.

(Enjoy everything for FREE for 30-days and if you feel that it has not worked for you at any point in the next 365-days, just contact me for a full 100% refund) It’s that simple!

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